June 2, 2017

When their daughter passed away, Ken Cutts and Patricia Achey-Cutts knew they could react in one of two ways. “We could have gone down the rabbit hole or to the light,” said Patricia. The couple chose the light. Both grew up in big families with... Read Story


Shae Etherington: 2016 Pat Adams Memorial Scholarship Recipient

June 2, 2017

As a high school student, Shae Etherington worked for four years at a local café in her hometown of Charles City, Iowa with a goal of saving enough money to pay for her college education. Unfortunately, the money she had been saving was not enough... Read Story



June 2, 2017

The small congregation of Saviour Missionary Baptist Church in Waterloo serves others beyond their limitations. “We have an older congregation and we, as a church, cannot do a lot of things to minister and serve people. But we do what we can with the resources... Read Story



June 1, 2017

Everybody has their own story, and Umaru Balde, director, Latino and multicultural services with the YWCA of Black Hawk County, listens to each individual’s story to better serve them. The approximately 40 students in Umaru’s classes are immigrants and refugees from different cultures including Latino,... Read Story



June 1, 2017

Steve and Stacie Brass are successful business owners with lots of responsibility, but it’s clear the priority and heart of their 22-year marriage is their children, Alyssa, 19, Nick, 16, and Lindsey, 10. “Between business, kids, family, and church, we think life is full and... Read Story