A Calling to Protect Community

April 27, 2017

Like the majority of small town fire departments, the Fort Atkinson Fire Department is completely volunteer driven. In small towns across Iowa, funding for staff is not always possible, so it is up to town citizens to volunteer their lives for the safety of their... Read Story

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Providing Hope for Homeless Veterans

March 27, 2017

In 2010, Neal Jarnagin, current Director at Bremer County Veterans Affairs and Executive Director of Rally Point Cedar Valley Veterans, met George, a homeless 28-year-old veteran who had walked from Columbia, Missouri to Iowa on his way to Alaska. George had bounced between organizations, attempting... Read Story

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Readlyn Makes a Splash for Local Kids

February 28, 2017

Providing amenities for young families in rural Iowa is part of keeping communities vibrant and growing. When the City of Readlyn saw kids from their community traveling to other nearby towns for recreational opportunities, Mayor Dan Wedemeier took note and then took action. Wedemeier had... Read Story

Family sees Rewards Flourish with FCCF Family Fund

February 22, 2017

Dick Weiners remembers a time when his family had a lot less. He and his five siblings watched as their father, Frank, who began as a farmer and truck driver, purchased the Cartersville Elevators and began working his way into a new way of life... Read Story

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Granting Needs for Comprehensive Systems

February 21, 2017

“They were elated. Even to do laundry. We have a consumer who requests to be move around standing up instead of in her wheelchair. One consumer cried,” said Sandy Harrington, supervisor for Comprehensive Systems, Inc. in Charles City.Harrington still gets emotional when she recalls the... Read Story